One platform for your business automation and management.

Take loans on future cashflows.


One platform for your business automation and management.

Accounting management.


One platform for your business automation and management.

Inventory management.


One platform for your business automation and management.

Human resource management.


One platform for your business automation and management.

Customer relations management.

Do more with only one software. Complete business automation for small and medium-sized businesses with easy access to cash advances on future cashflows.

Odibooks is one single platform to synchronize all your business processes today and in the future. Fully integrated and running on a secure private cloud. Regardless of your business size or the nature of your business, Odibooks will handle your business automation and operations. Your core business operations such as Accounting, Invoicing, Billing, Customer Relations, Marketing, Human resource, Payroll, Inventory, and many more can be managed in a single system.

Access Anywhere

odibooks is accessible via the web on any device allowing access to your business information from anywhere and at any time.


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Get to know about us and relive our journey is a software startup incorporated in 2022 in the United States Delaware state as a private corporation. Currently operating in Kenya as Odibooks Ltd, Uganda as Odibooks Uganda Ltd, Tanzania as Odibooks Tanzania Ltd, and in Rwanda as Odibooks Rwanda Ltd.

Goal Statement : At we believes in action, progress, and growth. Since more small and medium-sized businesses in Africa are employing more automation in their businesses, we aim to be the first choice considered when implementing software solutions. We are also determined to be the leader in business operating systems and automation in Africa by 2027.

Core Values

Integrity : Our first principal is honesty, which helps us meet the expectations we create.

Passion : Passion drives us to perform better, progress continually and deliver timely.

Team-work : Our team members are all about helping each other.

Commitment : Our commitment to our work and our clients is an unbreakable bond.

Learning : Our team is always learning something new to get better at what they do.


   Maxwel Odira : CEO/Founder - Experienced software engineer and entrepreneur. Holds BSc Computer Science from University of London.
   Erick Odudo : CFO/Co-Founder - He has over 7 years experience in financial management, business strategy planning & implementation, and project management. Holds BCOM finance option from CUEA, CPA-K.
   Isaac Kennedy : Chief Revenue Officer/Co-Founder - Proficient Systems Analyst, IT sales and marketing upcoming guru, key interest in business automation and technology. Holds BSc in Business Management - BBIT option from Karatina University.
   Albert Okundi : Software Engineer - A software engineer with industry experience in both backend and frontend development. Holds BSc in Computer Science and Mathematics from Kenyatta University.
   Join our team : Send your Cover letter / CV to

In the News & Press

Kenyan startup Odibooks launches accounting platform for SMEs

Kenya’s Odibooks Launches Accounting Platform for SMEs

Accounting platform for SMEs launched by Kenyan startup Odibooks

Odibooks, Kenyan Startup Launches Accounting Platform for SMEs



Beta version (v.1.5.0) is released for testing.



Beta version (v.1.2.0) is released for testing.



Development of begins.


2021 domain is registered



The idea is birthed and requirement analysis started.

General Ledger



Chart of Accounts

Tax Management

Expense Management

Invoicing and Billing

Banking Feeds


Accounting and Billing

Odibooks provides easy-to-use double-entry accounting software that is robust enough for complete accounting management. Features include charts of accounts, account receivables, account payables, general ledger, bank reconciliations, journal entries, budgeting, cash flows, standard accounting reports, tax reports, and customized reports. The accounting module provides billing and invoicing having, including sales invoices, sales quotations, cash sales, sales orders, purchase invoices, purchase orders, expenses, bills, recurring sales invoices, recurring purchase invoices, recurring bills, or expenses. Integrates with several online or offline payment gateways including Mpesa, Airtel Money, MTN Money, Tigo Pesa, Pesapal, PayPal or use Manual payment like cash, bank cheques, etc.

Customer Relationship Management

Odibooks CRM offers robust customer management for businesses with its core features as contact management, leads management, deals management, communications via email, SMS, chat system. Supports bulk emailing with lots of free-to-use email templates, bulk SMS marketing, customer support via inbuilt ticketing system, integrations with several 3rd party phone systems for virtual call center, virtual DID phone system for calls.




Bulk Email

Bulk SMS





Point Of Sale



Inventory Management and Point of Sale

Odibooks inventory management module is easy to use while being able to handle your inventory flow from purchases to sales. Features include products/service management, unit of measures, warehousing transactions, inventory transactions, requisitions, product categories/grouping, virtual products, physical products, digital products. The inventory module integrates with accounting via a special easy-to-use web-based point-of-sale offered at no additional costs. POS supports various industries including wholesale, retail, hotel, clubs, and bars, etc.

Human Resources and Payroll

Human resource management is built at the core of Odibooks. With core features as employee management, recruitment management, attendance management with the ability for biometric integrations, leave management with customized leave policies, communications, and announcements via SMS, email, chat system. Collaboration is an inbuilt feature with file sharing, document sharing, video conference via 3rd party apps. Payroll management is provided at no additional costs with the human resource module. Payroll includes features as flexible salary rate settings, payroll formulas, payslips, advance salary, loans, ability to run payroll as per your needs e.g. monthly, weekly, etc. Statutory reports (NHIF, NSSF, PAYEE, P9, P10, etc.)

Employee management

Recruitment management

Attendance management

Leave management

Communication & announcements

Flexible Payroll Options

Statutory Documents

Flexible Payroll Formula

Automated payment via Bank / Mobile money


All plans include the following features and tools at no extra costs.

Custom domain mapping
Email client
SMS Communications
Email Communications
Live chat and messaging
Custom roles and permissions
Email signature

Click to select/deselect each module you want to implement together with the number of users and billing period to view costs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Have a presale question about Odibooks and its features? Check below most frequently asked questions.

What is Odibooks?

Odibooks is software to manage all your business functions in a single platform. From invoicing, billing, inventory, CRM, human resources to payroll processing as well as take cash advances on expected future cashflows.

Who should use Odibooks?

Any business/company that wants to take advantage of technology in their operations and can afford little monthly subscriptions fees.

Why is Odibooks different from other softwares?

Odibooks is different from most software in that Odibooks is simple, flexible, and customizable while being robust enough to handle business operations.

How much does Odibooks costs?

From Ksh50 per month per module (Minimum Ksh1160per month)

Is my business data safe with Odibooks?

Your business data is safe with Odibooks. Odibooks hosts its data in AWS (Amazon Web Services) data centers, therefore, utilizing the securities implemented by Amazon Inc. in their servers. Odibooks uses SSL encryption to transfer data to and from the servers' therefore ensuring data security. Odibooks do not sell data or share user data and strictly ensures data privacy. All data in your Odibooks account remains your data and Odibooks do not have access or control over them. Odibooks automatically backs up user data every one hour(on 21st minute of every hour) to ensure user data availability and recovery incase of a disaster.

How do I install Odibooks?

You don't need to install Odibooks since it operates in the cloud. All you do is sign up for an account then start using Odibooks.

Do I need a computer or laptop to use Odibooks?

No. Since Odibooks is cloud-based all you need is a web browser, internet. Therefore you can use any device whether smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

Will Odibooks work with Windows?

Yes. Odibooks works on any device with a web browser and internet.

Do I need internet to use Odibooks?

Yes. Odibooks being cloud-based, the internet is necessary to communicate with servers hosting Odibooks.

Can I use Odibooks with My Mpesa Till Number or Paybill Number to accept payments?

Yes. Odibooks offer various payment gateways including Mpesa Till Number or Paybill Number. Follow the payment gateway set up to integrate Mpesa. Odibooks provide two ways of using paybill or tillnumber. Offline mode where your tillnumber or paybill number must be approved by Safaricom and Online mode where you only need a valid tillnumber or paybill number or bank account number or sacco account to receive online automated realtime payments directly into your chosen account.

Which payment gateways does Odibooks support?

Currently Mpesa, Airtel Money, MTN Money, Tigo Pesa, Pesapal, PayPal, and Manual methods like cash, cheques. We hope to add more gateways in the future.

Can I use one account to manage different businesses?

Currently not supported but we plan to add this in the future. You will need different account for each of your business.

Does Odibooks integrate with KRA?

Yes, Odibooks allows you to generate tax reports for filling your VAT or other taxes with KRA, TRA, Uganda Revenue, and Rwanda Revenue. Currently, Rwanda Revenue is automated.

Can I migrate from QuickBooks to Odibooks?

Yes, you can migrate to Odibooks from any software be it QuickBooks, Xero, Zoho, Wingubox, Myworkpay, Wavuh, etc. Just ensure you generate a CSV of your existing data to import into Odibooks.

Can I export my data from Odibooks?

Yes, Odibooks supports data export via CSV or pdf.

What happens if I don’t pay my Odibooks subscription?

If you fail to pay for subscription renewals, your account will be active for 10days after which your account will be deactivated. We don’t automatically delete accounts therefore your existing data will remain active for 12months after which your account and all data in it will be deleted. You can always delete your account anytime by initiating account deletion.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my account?

Yes, you can upgrade your account anytime. Downgrades are only possible if the package you are downgrading to can support your existing accounts data.

How many users do Odibooks support?

Odibooks is a multi-user software therefore it can support as many users as you want to add.

How can I get support from Odibooks?

If you are an administrator then just click a combination of (Shift + H) anytime you are logged in to access the support page or Click support under your profile. You can always get help via WhatsApp +17171226205 or call +254768219865 or email

I found Odibooks to be so intuitive. I was easily able to do time tracking, expense tracking, and invoice customers.

Peter Karimi

Ceo-Treavic Geosystem.

During the VAT filing, all my friends were struggling with managing their accounts. They had to compile the data and keep it in a format KRA wanted it. But for us, it was very simple, because with Odibooks we already had the data how we wanted it.

Elizabeth Kimani

Partner-Faidi Africa Enterprises

It is BANANAS how much easier & intuitive Odibooks is for human accounting, invoicing and payroll than Quickbooks."

Joseph Maina

Ceo-Romack Security Services Ltd

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